Thank you for running for office and your interest in using Votebuilder for your campaign! 

To begin the process of acquiring Votebuilder, please complete the form at the following link or below:

After the information is submitted in this form, an email will be sent to the person who submitted the form (and the candidate, if applicable) with follow up information and a ticket will be created in Freshdesk to track the progress of getting Votebuilder set up. 

A staff member of the Kentucky Democratic Party will follow up with you about VoteBuilder after this form is submitted. Included in this follow up by the Data Team will be cost of Votebuilder for that office and a payment link. If you already know the cost and want to purchase Votebuilder, you may go ahead and purchase the license at the following link:

After payment, please allow up to 3-5 business days to create and set up the Votebuilder committee. In the meantime, you can expect your campaigns Voter File Agreement to be sent to you via DocuSign to the email address you provided within one to two business days. Once the committee is fully set up and the Voter File Agreement is signed and returned via Docusign, users will be added to the committee. 

VoteBuilder prices are as follows (based upon total registered voters) :

PriceCampaign TypeDistrict Size (If Applicable)
$100County/Local Race10,000 Registered Voters or Less
$150County/Local Race15,000 Registered Voters or Less
County/Local Race25,000 Registered Voters or Less
$300County/Local Race50,000 Registered Voters or Less
$500County/Local Race100,000 Registered Voters or Less
$500State House

$750County/Local Race200,000 Registered Voters or Less
$750State Senate
$1000County/Local RaceMore Than 200,000 Registered Voters

- If an incumbent currently in office runs for another office during their current (such as a higher office), the KDP Data Team will create a new VAN committee for that campaign and will share over historical data (such as survey questions) to the new committee. This is done to ensure constituent and campaign usage are separated, to minimize issues when shutting down committees after election cycles (primaries or generals), and keep the data and list building for the current campaign clean.